Rihanna’s Been Low-key Promoting Sustainability with her Fenty X Puma Collaboration and You Didn’t Even Notice

Rihanna is one most well renowned musicians in the world.  Her music is constantly ranked top 100 and can often be found blaring in the background of whatever night club you’re at.  Not only is the Barbados native singer, musically talented, but she has also grown a phenomenal reputation in the fashion world.  She won the CFDA Style Icon Award in 2014, wearing a completely see-through 1920’s styled gown, marking her beginning to entering the fashion industry on a more serious level.  

rihann-3-2014-cfda-fashion-awards-ftr rihanna-dior-x-rihanna-eyewear-shoot-2016-02-662x883 15_rihxstance-campaign-vertical-branded3

Soon after, she was collaborating with multiple fashion brands including Dior, Stance, and not to mention her most sustainable collaboration, Fenty X Puma.  For a decade before Rihanna’s insight, Puma had practically become the ‘forgotten’ activewear brand.  They had the kind of products you might see at a generic sporting goods store found in suburbs while rummaging through their sale products.

blog1    puma-wz7_v1  rihanna-debuts-fenty-x-puma-collection-at-nyfw-06

 As soon as Rihanna got involved with the brand, their image completely changed.  Everyone still wants the Fenty X Puma furry flip flops that came out over a year ago now.  She’s transformed Puma into a brand that’s actually cool, one that sells out of their product soon after a release.  

blog1  blog1

And thankfully, Puma’s an increasingly sustainable brand.  They realize they still have a ways to go, but the brand is tracking their carbon emissions and setting specific goals to make clear improvements.  A celebrity standing behind an eco-friendly brand like Puma can only help the sustainable fashion movement.

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